Always comes back to this

If you had to Google the word 'photography' you would find many genres and styles as part of the definition. To name a few off the top of my head you get landscape, fashion, wildlife, architectural, wedding, street, journalistic, etc. It is a vast creative field with no seemingly right or wrong. Some say it is Art, others not. When I first began my journey down this path I didn't know where I was going to end up. I knew I enjoyed the creative process of taking a photo, but wasn't sure where I would 'specialise', so to speak. I'm not talking about style here (that is another whole blog post entirely) but rather choice of subject matter. The first photos I took were that of the ocean to put things into perspective! It was through the natural process of taking photos and learning the ins and outs of the camera that I came to find my passion in Portraits. Now I'm talking about one person in the frame here, not couples. I have spent MANY hours on YouTube watching how to take a good portrait. Where the light should be, facial expression, distance from the subject, etc. As with most creatives I'm super critical of myself and a bit of a perfectionist but I'm getting there. I've put together a small sample below of some of my favourite images over the years. I hope you enjoy.