Hi I’m Shaun and welcome to a 'behind the scenes' look into my life:) 

As a bride to be I’m sure you're wanting to find out who I am, what makes me tick and mainly that I’m not a weirdo. Well first and foremost, I’m a husband and father. *See wife Megan and cutest boy human Finn above* These roles fulfill my life with much happiness, and although I’m far from perfect, my approach to handling both is with great gusto and positivity. I’m a glass half full kind of guy.

When I’m not spending time with my little family I’m either taking photos, or keeping my Dad Bod in check. Yes its a real thing, Google it. Downtime for me is riding my bike with mates, or relaxing on the couch with the Mrs watching Netflix.

As most photographers I started down this path by accident with no intention. I started taking pics of family and friends at birthday parties with basically a point and shoot camera. A good friend of mine is an excellent landscape photographer and at the time and I was inspired by the beauty he was creating. Now with the help of digital cameras and all on computer with amazing software. One thing led to another and I ended up here. Taking photos and shooting video for a living. Pretty dope job if I do say so myself! I decided to focus on weddings because it incorporates all types of genres into one. Being a fly on the wall, taking documentary style fleeting moments, family pics, portraiture, landscape wide angles, and flash photography for when in the evening. Its a challenge, but one that I enjoy. Every wedding has the same basic outline, but for me its the people I meet and interact with while being creative that brings me back every time!

So to round things off… If I don’t sound like too much of a weirdo and you think you might like a photographer/videographer with ninja flexibility and skills for your wedding day, then why not DROP ME AN EMAIL. Lets meet up over coffee. I’ll Zapper so its not awkward when it comes to the bill.